Saturday, December 12, 2009

Roof lamp LED

Application: Roof lamp LED

Advantages: Increase brightness of cabin area

Applicable to: various model whenever the roof lamp LED can fit

Nowadays the SMD LED has lead the trend, you can see the roof lamp application LED is become more high end, using high wattage and 3 chips to glow in the dark cabin.

If you are still using those dome LED or flux LED, you have already out dated,
Advantages of the SMD are thin enough and brighter than flux LED,

SMD LED is less space constraint during installation.

Superflux type roof lamp LED which lead the trend pass 2 years

Custom made roof lamp LEd comes with cover, which can fit toyota, nissan, honda as well.

By the way, feel your interior is boring?
try add some VIP accessories, and it will be very high class.

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