Saturday, December 12, 2009


Application: Logo badge

Advantages: Capture attention of human eyes, strong identification of young and style.

Applicable to: various model and subject to change by brand.

Hi guys, below are the vehicle LOGO badge with lighting,
some of those were DIY, and some of those were REM manufacturered.

Just to share that what i have been gathered the data source is from website at malaysia by the seller,

Below is the DIY logo with lighting,quite impressive!!
Most probably the logo is integrate with acrylic and custom cutting.

Honda DIY with acrylic

Mitsubishi logo DIY with acrylic

Start from here is the REM manufacturer with theirs logo lighting effect, just for sharing for the big NISSAN logo that how it looks like when the light is glow from behind....hehe

Toyota white logo

Toyota red logo

Honda logo

Jazz logo

Nissan LED logo

here is the NISSAN logo i mean, the logo is not for installation at car, but just to show how the effect looks like if the light come from behind logo.

Hyundai logo

Mazda logo

VW logo

Suzuki Logo

you can drop me a comment if you have any...!! hehe

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