Monday, December 21, 2009

Acrylic logo

Application:Interior / Exterior

Advantages:Stylish decorative for car show or self satisfaction.

Where can i get this?

I belief the Transformer had been strike our life deeply,
what i found the LOGO is made by acrylic and stick with the sticker,
the glow is from LED from the back...

Picture tells thousand story...

Enjoy with the decepticon and autobot :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

3rd Brake Light LED

Application: Automotive 3rd brake light

Advantages: Show Red color warning wavelength sign to driver following you while braking, sharper Red LED color will alert the driver, Increase safety while driving.

Applicable to: Different brand vehicle depend on length and position of the 3rd brake light casing.

Here is the 3rd Brake light section,
what i found that there are people who like mod their 3rd brake light into LED,

The advantage of the LED is long lasting,
(if you got your heat and wiring problem done it properly)
Driver behind always will noticed that you are braking in front by the 3rd brake LED, you won't worry whether the 3rd brake light is working or not anymore.

Here is the honda FIT 3rd brake light (AKA honda jazz)

Here is the Myvi 3rd brake light LED,
it manufactured in plug and play mode,
easy for user to install, but the only thing is the LED were too few,
it can't fill up all of the 3rd brake light.

This is the DIY type from DIYers,
custom made superflux and fill up full of the 3rd brake light.

Well, what i can say is, human is full of creation and imagination.
the only behavior from the owner is like to have their own satisfaction ride.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Roof lamp LED

Application: Roof lamp LED

Advantages: Increase brightness of cabin area

Applicable to: various model whenever the roof lamp LED can fit

Nowadays the SMD LED has lead the trend, you can see the roof lamp application LED is become more high end, using high wattage and 3 chips to glow in the dark cabin.

If you are still using those dome LED or flux LED, you have already out dated,
Advantages of the SMD are thin enough and brighter than flux LED,

SMD LED is less space constraint during installation.

Superflux type roof lamp LED which lead the trend pass 2 years

Custom made roof lamp LEd comes with cover, which can fit toyota, nissan, honda as well.

By the way, feel your interior is boring?
try add some VIP accessories, and it will be very high class.


You were not direction to mod your car interior yet?
well, refer to below, may be you can get some idea on it...

For fancy favorite lover, there is a kind of glowing EL stripe with even glowing lighting, this can be decorate around your interior dash area, it glow nicely in the dark.

Plus more, the lighting lover also put the lighting around the foot area...
so that you get your shoe or stuffs in the dark,hehe


Application: Logo badge

Advantages: Capture attention of human eyes, strong identification of young and style.

Applicable to: various model and subject to change by brand.

Hi guys, below are the vehicle LOGO badge with lighting,
some of those were DIY, and some of those were REM manufacturered.

Just to share that what i have been gathered the data source is from website at malaysia by the seller,

Below is the DIY logo with lighting,quite impressive!!
Most probably the logo is integrate with acrylic and custom cutting.

Honda DIY with acrylic

Mitsubishi logo DIY with acrylic

Start from here is the REM manufacturer with theirs logo lighting effect, just for sharing for the big NISSAN logo that how it looks like when the light is glow from behind....hehe

Toyota white logo

Toyota red logo

Honda logo

Jazz logo

Nissan LED logo

here is the NISSAN logo i mean, the logo is not for installation at car, but just to show how the effect looks like if the light come from behind logo.

Hyundai logo

Mazda logo

VW logo

Suzuki Logo

you can drop me a comment if you have any...!! hehe

Exterior lighting

This section is to share how malaysian decorate their car,
well, some say is too ah beng, some say is cool....

What i see that is the strength of their handwork,
i am really impressive of their good job,
you can imagine, there are so many process involve like open up the door trim to dismantle the door handle...remove out the tyre to install the LED inside the wheel.

Here is the door handle LED for waja,
there are white LED and yellow LED on the handle,
which these two LEDs is design independently,
just upon user decision