Sunday, December 13, 2009

3rd Brake Light LED

Application: Automotive 3rd brake light

Advantages: Show Red color warning wavelength sign to driver following you while braking, sharper Red LED color will alert the driver, Increase safety while driving.

Applicable to: Different brand vehicle depend on length and position of the 3rd brake light casing.

Here is the 3rd Brake light section,
what i found that there are people who like mod their 3rd brake light into LED,

The advantage of the LED is long lasting,
(if you got your heat and wiring problem done it properly)
Driver behind always will noticed that you are braking in front by the 3rd brake LED, you won't worry whether the 3rd brake light is working or not anymore.

Here is the honda FIT 3rd brake light (AKA honda jazz)

Here is the Myvi 3rd brake light LED,
it manufactured in plug and play mode,
easy for user to install, but the only thing is the LED were too few,
it can't fill up all of the 3rd brake light.

This is the DIY type from DIYers,
custom made superflux and fill up full of the 3rd brake light.

Well, what i can say is, human is full of creation and imagination.
the only behavior from the owner is like to have their own satisfaction ride.


  1. This is an awesome guide for someone who wants to have a LED application on his 3rd brake light indicator for the custom-loving driver out there. I did customized my 3rd brake lights on my Daewoo Matiz (Chevrolet Spark) and I drew the word "STOP" with LED.

    Due to my fondness for customized cars, I would like to see the LED and other custom car accessories and related items in a large production run due to sheer curiosity on how they are made.

  2. Hi Sean,
    Nice to meet you,

    May i know where are you from?

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